Fall seed starting – 2011

Over the weekend I finally started some seeds for fall crops. These could redeem the dry summer garden for us and provide a bit more this year before the weather starts freezing all the time.

Lettuce, spinach, winter cabbage, cilantro, kale, zucchini. Some will succeed, some won’t, that’s the nature of gardening.


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  1. I love cabbage and squash. I hope your fall garden does really well. I’ve got a lot going on in terms of work at the place right now so probably won’t try a garden myself until spring.


    • Yeah, not all of these are favorites. I prefer the kale and spinach uncooked or baked with eggs and potatoes.

      I also need to direct-seed some carrots and turnips right soon here.

      If it has been a while since you last ordered seeds, the time is coming soon to make sure you’re on the catalog mailing list. It’s SO much easier shopping from papers catalogs than on their web sites.


  2. What catalogs would you suggest? I can look up their web pages and get a paper catalog that way, usually. At least, I can with gun stuff. I would imagine seed companie are the same.


    • By far my favorite catalog is from Territorial Seed Company in Oregon. Even if you don’t order anything from them, their pages have so much info on growing things that it’s like a free magazine. But their seeds are great too!

      I have found a few things to order from John Scheepers (kitchengardenseeds.com) catalog.

      Pinetree seeds can be nice if you know you only want a few seeds of each thing. Their packets are the cheapest online, but you might only get 5-10 seeds in each.


    • Also, keep in mind that most bags of dried beans from the grocery store will sprout. Seed companies are selling the same thing for 10x the price.


  3. That’s something I haven’t run into. I store the beans in a cool, dry storeroom in plastic pails, maybe that’s why they haven’t’ sprouted. But I am going to go open a few pails to be sure they haven’t and I just don’t know it.


    • What I meant was that, although it’s obvious once you know it, beans intended to be cooked for dinner are suitable for planting, and will grow after you plant and water them. Sorry if I wasn’t clear on that…but it’s WAY cheaper than using “bean seeds” in paper envelopes.


  4. […] finally got the little seedlings planted out in my fall / winter hoop house garden bed. Of course we are still far behind on the […]


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