Canned some Ketchup

The roma tomatoes have been ripening up quickly for me.  I have picked two full (half-bushel) baskets for canning so far.

I made a nice batch of ketchup for next year a few nights ago. I used the spice packet from Mrs. Wages and always love the results.

I have many glass jars that are threaded for canning lids but aren’t “real” mason jars so they could never be used for pressure canning. I use them for water-bath products like this ketchup. These jars vary from 12 to 15 ounces and have relatively thin glass, but they can be used if you work with them gently.



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  1. I also use Mrs. Wages for ketchup. I’ve not found any recipe that gives me such a good tasting end result.


  2. I sure would like to eat those tomatoes, with some garlic salt and some pepper, and a little Parmesan cheese. Next year I’m going to try tomatoes again.


  3. I also use the Mrs. Wages ketchup mix. Why mess with perfection?


    • The spice packets are easy and work very well, but I’m on a personal quest to figure out how something would have been made 100 or 200 years ago, so I’m constantly reprimanding myself to find recipes that use base ingredients that I could grow in the garden along with cooking techniques that could be done over a camp fire.


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