Plenty Pleased with my Peck of Peppers


Banana Peppers

Unknown hot chili peppers


I picked a peck this weekend, for sure.  The pepper plants are doing better than they ever have for me this year.  I ended up canning quite a bit.


30+ jars put up, including my famous pepper jelly!  I love that stuff, but my wife loves it more.  Some cucumbers that had been hiding in the crisper are visible as well, in the form of dill and sweet slices.



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  1. What a bountiful harvest of peppers. I wish I know how to preserve ours. But it is never late to learn isn’t it.

  2. Diana, I canned these peppers with a very simple vinegar and water solution. 6 cups of white vinegar and 2 cups of water, poured at near-boiling temperature over raw packed pepper slices. These were processed in a water bath for 5 minutes of hard boiling.

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