Pumpkin Horror (or, Fantastic Compost Voyage)

I would like…


…to take you…


…on a strange journey….

How – Strange – Was It?

Last Fall’s jackolanterns were not all carved with faces and such. A few small ones were just used as decorations. I had thought about bringing them back inside and baking them, but that plan didn’t materialize. So they sat out, slowly rotting whenever the temperature was warm enough to allow it.

Like most things in the world of nature, pumpkin decomposition does not fail to reveal miraculous processes.

One of my sons stepped on one of these rotting messes on the day I took these photos:

They saw the fleshy explosion but were immediately in awe. “Ok, Dad, wait.  Are you telling me that the pumpkin ROTS AWAY but the seeds are FINE?” Yes, I admitted, that’s how it works. The pumpkin rots in place, fertilizing the random spot of ground in which it ended up growing or getting moved to.

Additionally, there are hundreds of seeds, so even though most will probably be eaten by squirrels, birds or other scavengers, only one seed has to be unintentionally left behind. As the seeds are scavenged, almost certainly those little animal feet will push a couple down into the muddy, messy, spot where the Pumpkin Horror is taking place. Left to it’s own devices, it would grow another year on it’s own, and REPEAT.

Smart system. 😉

What has been happening on your urban homestead lately?


2 responses to this post.

  1. Haha! The squashed pumpkin looks great. Good luck growing a new pumpkin patch out of it. I had hoped the same thing when I put a rotting pumpkin out in the garden patch once. Never got a new plant out of it, but here in the desert, I suppose I really would have needed to provide water more consistently.


  2. Bravo! Photos look great.
    I would love to see a post of a new sprouted pumpkin seedling from this if it works for you.


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