February Hoop Update 2011 – Not Dead Yet! (Just Mostly Dead)

A few months ago, around Halloween some time, I covered this 4×8 bed with plastic and planted an array of seeds in order to find out what will grow for me over the winter. Since that time we have had several days with below zero temperatures, perhaps as low as -5, but nothing like what COULD have happpened at our worst.

Anyway, it was an experiment. The turnips have melted away completely into a stinky brown mess. The beets are just gone, but they were only short greens when I covered them up for winter. Some things are doing well.

Spinach is growing slowly (VERY slowly). We harvested some of this for our Solstice Salad in late December to celebrate the return of the sun and I could not believe how sweet it tasted. Literally like candy.

The Kale  is doing fair, and the carrots are doing surprisingly well.

This cabbage got bigger than I thought it would in the cold. It’s probably 5 inches across at the moment.

These pictures were taken on an unusually warm day, so the kids are enjoying the tree club house.

I even had a little February snack while I was out there.


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