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Re-useable canning lids by Tattler – Part 2

As we ate the CSA chickens, I would put all the bones and leftover bits into a 2 gallon freezer bag. Last week I couldn’t fit any more in the bag. I had the remains of about 5 chickens in there, so I needed to make stock.

I put the bones and bits and pieces in a large-ish pot and added a bunch of carrot and onion. If I had some celery I would have thrown that in too. I boiled 10 cups of water down to about 8 (it took 3 hours or so) and then poured off the richest stock I have ever made. The bones did not seem to be spent, so I added another 12 cups of water and boiled the bones again overnight, on a very low burner.

I put it all in the fridge to cool while I was at work, hoping to skim off the fat from the top before I canned it. When I pulled out the stock after work it had gelatinized so quickly that a lot of the fat was trapped in suspension. Oh well, it’ll taste good!

I was able to can 8 pints of double-strength chicken stock! It is really just delicious. The Tattler reusable canning lids did GREAT with pressure canning.

Yeah, it’s delicious.


P.S. Silly pretzel, you’re not even trying to look right:

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