Inside the little hoop house – November 2010

Things are growing very well in the little hoop house I built over a 4 x 8 foot garden bed.  Here’ s a peek inside.

Unfortunately my arch-nemesii the moles have found there way up under and inside here.  There will be blood.


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  1. Posted by leslie on November 16, 2010 at 7:28 am

    Do not hurt the moles…please try to find a peaceful solution:) XO Your Loving Wife


  2. Looking good!


  3. Very cool! Your greens look great!

    I have to second the plea to spare the moles. They’re actually beneficial (even if they do eat some greens). Moles are omnivores, and they’ll eat some of your garden, but they’ll also eat some of the insects that aren’t so good for the garden. In addition, they help to loosen up the soil, which is a very good thing.


  4. I just saw a question you asked on the Future House Farm blog a while ago, about 60 degree corners for raised beds. Lee Valley has some that are adjustable to a variety of angles. Of course, they are pricey, but they are available. Just google “Lee Valley” (if you don’t know of it already – they have some great garden stuff, as well as woodworking), go to the gardening page, then click on “Raised beds”.

    Hope this helps!


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