Applesauce Canning for 2010

Just a quick note to say that we had a successful round of Applesauce canning again this year.  The photo represents half of what we put up.  We made 26 wide-mouth pints of chunky cinnamon apple sauce this year, which is a bit less than last year.


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  1. That’s a lot of sauce… if this is year’s supply, that’s a pint for every two weeks? or do you end up giving these away as gifts? I’ve got 12 quarts for the year, plus 3-4 quarts that went straight to the fridge… I have no idea how long this stockpile will last me and my husband; I guess it depends on how often I make potato latkes. By the way, the color of the sauce is just lovely, it makes me hungry.


    • We’ll definitely eat it all. The kids take applesauce in their school lunch some times, and we also use some of it in baked goodies. Most of it gets eaten at dinner. Last year we had 40 or 50 jars and we gave a lot away.


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