Ripe tomatoes in Illinois on Halloween?

My part of the world has an average first frost date of October 21st.  This year is warmer.  I did have frost on the windshield of my car one morning last week, but the back yard was unaffected.  Last night’s low was 60 (F).

Back in mid-June, when I came back from vacation, I noticed that my tomatoes had a rapidly worsening blight.  As a last-ditch effort, I planted some tomato seeds in pots.  I had no idea if there would time enough for them to produce fruit for me.

One of the plants is still going, and a couple of it’s tomatoes are showing signs of coloring up!

It definitely looks like I will have at least one red vine-ripened tomato for Halloween in Illinois this year!  Stay tuned in a couple days for a post on how easy it can be to ripen your green tomatoes indoors.


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  1. Good for you. With covering and bringing container plants inside, I have been able to make it to late November in the Midwest with my container garden. Best of luck Jimmy!


  2. I’m still picking tomatoes and hot peppers here in Iowa, as well. But, I think it will end this week. Are you going to bring your plant inside? That would be an interesting experiment. We’ve got a jalapeno in a huge pot that we have had for at least 4 years (maybe longer- I forget). Of course, peppers are a bit more “restrained” than tomato vines.


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