Thing-a-Day Overdue update

Ok, yeah, this post is almost a month overdue.  I decided to rid my house of 5 things a day during the month of August and I lost count. I’m pretty sure I made it. I sold some, threw a little bit away, and today I gave a full carload (like moving home from college full) to our local yearly abundance exchange.

I stopped taking pictures of the random junk I was ridding myself of a long time ago because, basically, you don’t really care WHAT I’m getting rid of. You just MIGHT, however, be interested in knowing if I made it.

I definitely made it. I got rid of well over 155 items in August.

The impact on my house is noticeable. In my bedroom closet I can see that the walls are painted white! In my crawl space I can see straight through to the back and I actually know where most things are. In my garage it’s only little bit better, but it feels roomier now that the donations have been dropped off. The computer room is getting better too.

The main point of this was that I wanted to FEEL lighter and freer, and it has worked. Just knowing that I have less stuff to take care of, watch over, maintain and move gives me a feeling of lightness and purpose. The stuff I kept has a reason to be in my house…it all has purpose now, not just some things. Ok, definitely not everything…but that is the goal.


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by leslie on September 26, 2010 at 7:35 pm

    You did great!


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