Yellow Jacket

S. and I were out working on the gardens near the house and a couple of these wasps were just slowly walking around like they were tired or sick. It was warm enough that the outdoor temperature would not have been bothering them. We just left them alone.

At one point later S. was back inside for a break and I came in after him. As I turned my head to look around I saw this wasp ON MY SHOULDER, walking towards my face. I was a little frightened by that.

I tried to shake him off. He hung on. I tried to BLOW on him to get him to fly off. He hung on. I tried blowing harder with the same result. Then I started to panic. I stretched and pulled my shirt material away from my body so I wouldn’t be stung through it and then began to SCREAM like a helpless [gender and size non-specific person] for my 6-year-old son to come save his Dad. (What was he going to do? LOL! He would have been even more scared!) (Maybe.)

Finally I had the presence of mind to realize that I should just get the shirt off. If I got stung in the face while I removed the shirt then hopefully it would just be ONE sting.

It turns out that my fear was unfounded and I didn’t  get stung at all. As I said before, there was something not quite right about this guy. He had one wing that was all crumpled up and he never flew. We easily captured him for a half hour of observation and then S. let him go out in the creek. I’m sure he wasn’t going to live through the night, with or without being brought into the house.


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  1. What a sweet, sad story. We are forever finding bees and yellow jackets in that condition. I found one stuck on our steps the other day with a glob of paint on its leg. 😦


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