Sweet Potato Hunter

This spring, in square of the garden bed closest to our back door, in a space somewhere between 1 and 2 square feet, we had planted 3 sweet potato slips. The plants grew well all summer, and this weekend S. hunted for what we had grown. Before we started taking pictures, we had already removed the flowering vines from above ground and were digging around trying to feel for potatoes.

Sweet potatoes have a very thin skin at first, so you have to be careful with your digging tools, even if you are just using your hands. After a curing period out of the ground, the skin firms up a bit.

The result? 7 pounds of good-sized sweet potatoes in this little space! Well worth it!


3 responses to this post.

  1. Way to go, S!!! Those look yummy!!


  2. […] small heap of sweet potatoes was my harvest from 16 square feet this year. Last year I grew several pounds in just 2 square feet, but this year’s weather was so dry that the dirt became as hard as rock and the potatoes […]


  3. […] In 2010 I grew a 1 x 2 ft square of them in a deep new raised bed.  I raised 8 pounds of sweet potaotes in that loose, rich soil. […]


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