S. found a toad while we were camping. He named him something predictable like Mr. Hoppy or some such. LOL. He is a lot of fun. He kept him in his pocket for 5 minutes and then put him back. He just knows that it would be wrong to take home the wildlife.

I have a tradition of taking the boys camping over Labor Day weekend. First I spend a night out with one of them while my wife gets alone time with the other one, then we swap and I spend another night out. This year H. and L. were sick, but they were doing well enough for S. and I to spend one night out.

The highlight of the trip this time, for both S. and I was something I unfortunately don’t have a photo of. In a tree 10 feet from our tent there was a wild beehive! We stood and watched the bees coming and going several times, and then went back with flashlight and lantern after dark to see them all settled in for the night, guarding the door.

We cooked up some sausage for breakfast in my camping cast-iron set and then headed home to take care of the sickies.


2 responses to this post.

  1. The beehive thing would be cool, though not sure how you’d get a good picture of that.

    Hope L& H are feeling better.


  2. They are all better now!

    Yeah, the picture I would have been able to take of the bees would have looked like 3 bees sitting on a tree near a little hole. It really wouldn’t have conveyed the idea of what was going on inside. A video would have worked, but my digital camera doesn’t zoom in video mode and I wasn’t going to get 12 inches away from the beehive.

    I warned S. that whatever happened, even if he got stung, not to smash a bee. I have heard that a newly dead crushed bee releases some scent or pheromone that causes the others to get all angry and go get their buddies too. Potentially bad possibility.


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