Review Emergency Essentials 3 Day MRE Food Supply

One of my goals this year was to assemble a family set of emergency backpacks that could be grabbed in the event we had to leave our house in a hurry for any reason. They would contain everything we would need to survive for 3 days.

In the process of gathering the supplies for each pack, I ordered some food and water from an online seller. I had experience with eating military MRE (Meals, Ready to Eat), so I found a company that seemed to have reasonable prices on a product they called an MRE and I also found a free shipping coupon that made ordering from them a no-brainer choice.

I ordered, among other items, two of the “3-Day MRE Food Supply” from Emergency Essentials in Utah. Shown below is the contents of just one 3 day supply.

Each 3-day food pack contained what essentially broke down to 6 each of entrees, side dishes, wheat bread and dessert plus 3 pieces of hard candy and 3 packets of sugar-free drink mix powder.

First impression: When the FedEx delivery guy brought the box up to my door, he had a knowing look in his eye. It was like his gaze was silently saying to me, “I know someone who is preparing. I’ll make a mental note that you probably have provisions in this house.” I quickly realized why. Emblazoned on the delivery box as big as could be was the name of the web site and their logo screaming, “EMERGENCY ESSENTIALS, BE PREPARED! etc.” Strike one. I have since complained to them about that and have been told that if I order from them again I can request plain packaging.

Second impression: I had assumed that, like military MREs, these would be packaged into 6 individual “meal” outer pouches. Upon opening the box I saw that they were not. What you see in the photo above is how they are packaged. When MREs have an outer pouch that contains one meal it serves to further protect the interior boxes from crushing, it adds a bit of air space padding that helps the meal feel more comfortable against your back when you have them in a pack, and honestly I think it helps extend the shelf life. On the other hand, these meals are more difficult to pack into my backpack, feel rigid and square against me while I carry the pack, and are already a bit crushed after being carried around only twice. Strike two.

So I decided that I ought to order something that was packed the way I liked. I’ll do that soon, from another supplier.

The decision to switch to a different MRE means that essentially I have extra food now. I’ll put most of this stuff into storage, but also I decided to taste-test a meal Thursday night. The boys and I ate cheese tortellini in marinara sauce, mexican style corn, a piece of the wheat bread, a lemon poppyseed cake and two pieces of the hard candy. It was all tasty.

Further cons:

  • There is no spoon. You must eat the meal by squishing it into your mouth. Not conducive to sharing. Strike three.
  • There are no chemical meal warmers.
  • There are only 3 small pieces of hard candy. So odd! Normal MREs each have an entire pack of candy.
  • There is no salt, pepper, hot sauce, no condiment.
  • There is no hand wipe, no TP, nothing


  • The food was delicious, although we did eat it hot. We probably wouldn’t have that luxury in a real emergency.
  • The price was the lowest I could find online
  • Free shipping coupon for a 30-40 pound order!

Final word on Emergency Essentials 3 Day MRE Food Supply? It’s tasty food, but it doesn’t work well as the sole solution for my 3 day emergency backpack. There are better choices out there for the reasons I’ve outlined in my lengthy post above.

Disclosure: I did not receive any compensation for this review (and I’m sure EE is glad about that right about now).  I bought and paid for this product.


4 responses to this post.

  1. Self-heaters get a little iffy as far as shipping. I got a case of Ameriqual MRE’s with heaters for $60 and they were pretty good.


    • Were the ones you received (or do you know of any that are) packaged in the same type of ultra-tough outer meal wrapping like the military ones? The ones we had 15 years ago in the national guard were sealed tight, waterproof, with just enough air inside that they would have floated if they had to. The outer wrap was so thick it could be hard to tear open by hand.


  2. The only ones in light-tight packaging that I have had came from a relative in the Marines. The Ameriqual ones were in heavy duty sealed CLEAR plastic. I am sure light would break them down, but they were sealed well and stored in my basement.


  3. Posted by Laurie on June 3, 2011 at 7:35 am

    Not much good to say for Emergency Essentials, I ordered in April 2011 it’s June and still nothing shipped, when I contacted them they said, it could take up to 10 weeks. If one item is not available it will hold up the whole order, and they do not ship partial orders, I cannot figure out why!! So much for my backpacking supplies, maybe it will be here by xmas when the season is over.


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