This spring we planted one section of my wife’s herb bed with carrots–approximately 2 square feet.  We harvested about half of them a month ago to thin them out a bit and left these to grow more.

They were from a packet that called itself Red, White and Blue.  We got white, yellow, orange, red and purple.

Some of them chose to grow better than others, even when spaced correctly. I can’t say why…I don’t know.

I sure wish the greens were as tasty as the carrots, because there was far more to compost than there was to eat.

The purple ones look just awesome inside! Their skin actually turns orange while they cook, leaving purple water behind.

Net result was about 14 ounces of clean trimmed carrots to freeze later this week.

P.S.  Did you know that to save seeds from carrots you have to leave them to overwinter in the garden? As a biennial they flower their second year, as will cabbage.


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  1. Those are gorgeous, love the variety. I used to have a pet rabbit that would’ve been pretty excited about all those greens.


  2. Posted by Natures Retreat on September 21, 2010 at 7:23 pm

    Those purple carrots are great when juiced with blueberries and black berries. There were no leftovers to freeze, I didn’t know that about carrot/cabbage, so you just let them go to seed and leave the carrot underground…I am well educated, just not about reseeding of carrots..


    • That does sound good, although I don’t have a juicer.

      Yes, carrots and cabbage are biennial and flower in their second year. They could be just left in the garden under the snow, but in my climate with the potential for multiple freeze-thaw-freeze cycles and some nights hitting -20F, they would have to be well covered with leaves or straw to insulate them. I’m speaking not from experience, but from what I have read. Apparently the cabbages just split open and send up a seed stalk, and the carrots send out a seed umbrel that looks like the common weed Queen Anne’s Lace.


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