5 Things a Day for the first month – Update 2

Ok, I am behind.

I pledged to get rid of 5 possessions each day for the month of August.  It has been two weeks since I last posted an update and I have only done a few more days worth of purging.


Because it is taking a lot of time to properly “get rid” of this stuff! I don’t just want to throw it in a dumpster. I want to find this stuff a home where it is going to get a few more years of life before becoming waste. 50% of the things I posted in my last thing-a-day update are still in boxes at my house, awaiting sale or donation and the new clutter is completely defeating the purpose of this exercise!

I suppose a run to the Salvation Army is in order on my lunch break one day this week. That should help reinvigorate me in my quest to stop allowing my crap to control me. But for now, it still is.

On the bright side, I have made some money already. I sold off some items on ebay or other internet forums and that money has been welcome. Again, everything has a trade-off, and in this case it was my time to post listings, procure packing supplies, multiple trips to the post office and e-mail correspondence with the buyers. Usually my time is worth more to me than the $20 I might net selling something, so I just give it away on Freecycle.

Here are two more piles I got rid of:

Enough pencils for an army

Leftovers from when I had a coin collection

Crap from a "junk drawer," all broken, expired or otherwise useless


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Karen on August 22, 2010 at 10:52 am

    Okay. I’m inspired! Gonna go tackle my “junk drawers.” Loved your post on canning, too… And I really, really want some raised bed in my back yard next spring for a vegetable garden. Love your blog!


    • Awesome Karen! Thanks for the comment and for stopping by. I’m so happy to have inspired someone! 🙂 I definitely need to make a lunch-hour drop-off at a local charity this week.


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