Homemade Vanilla Extract

I have begun a months-long process attempting to make homemade vanilla extract.  The instructions make it sound fairly simple.

  1. Cut up a bunch of vanilla beans and put them in vodka for a long time.

The number of vanilla beans, the way you cut them, the length of time for steeping, and the amount of vodka are all up for debate based on all the recipes I found.  I combined the ingredients in two quart jars and put them in a paper sack in the top of my closet to keep it out of the light.  By some time this fall I should have a huge amount of vanilla extract.  I will need to source some (hopefully glass) amber/brown bottles (again to keep the extract out of the light) and then decant it into the smaller containers.

It will make a special gift I can give to a few friends, and I’ll have enough for home use for 2 years.


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  1. Given the price of pure vanilla extract sure this is a huge cost savings


  2. I get pounds of vanilla from saffron.com for really cheap. This not only would make tasty extract, but a tasty after-dinner drink as well.


  3. Yeah. They are great quality. A few snapped when bent, but the caviar was easily scooped out for use.


  4. This looks like a project I’d like to do. I just looked online and see they sell in my area 3 beans for $6-$12 depending on which kind of bean you use. Is that price comparable to yours? And which type of bean did you use?

    I learn so much from blogs.


    • The vanilla beans you have priced are on-par with my local pricing. They are either extremely top quality beans or extremely overpriced. I didn’t want to pay that much, or limit myself in the number of beans, so I used an ebay seller and got 25 beans shipped to my home for $10 or $12. Above, Red Icculus notes a web site that has even lower prices.


  5. […] jars, filtering, run, steeping, vanilla, vanilla beans, vanilla extract, vodka. Leave a Comment I started making some vodka-based Vanilla Extract a few months ago. It was now time to bottle […]


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