(Five) Thing(s) A Day Update, Week 1

This is the end of my first week of purging myself of belongings that I don’t need in an attempt to reduce clutter, crowding, pack-rat-ism, whatever.  I decided to get rid of 5 things each day for the month of August.

For week 1, I went over the 35 necessary items by a long shot, but I’m just going to count it as a good week.  Assorted video game items that I know I don’t need…

Two of the games shown, and the equipment associated with them, were very hard to let go of.  I have very fond memories of playing them and I had the daydream that I would save them and play them with my boys.  Perhaps I could, but why? The games would only be nostalgic for ME. Heck, the boys might not even like them.

Instead I think I’ll find something THEY want to do and spend time with them doing that.  It’s a win-win in my eyes.

Week 1 was a Thing A Day success. The things are up for sale right now online and if that doesn’t work they will be garage saled or donated next month.


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  1. […] it is going to get a few more years of life before becoming waste. 50% of the things I posted in my last thing-a-day update are still in boxes at my house, awaiting sale or donation and the new clutter is completely […]


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