Weekend work in the garden – late May 2010

I put in quite a bit of time in the garden this weekend. It hadn’t been weeded in a couple weeks, at least not thoroughly. Many of the warm weather crops either didn’t grow well the first time they were seeded (which was followed by a cold spell) or hadn’t been put in at all yet. Most of the cold weather crops were done.

I weeded the 3 kids beds, with their help. They planted some flowers and more vegetable seeds and we marked the hills with little signs. Their broccoli plants were pulled out and purple and gold beans were direct-seeded in the same place. Their lettuce squares were re-seeded with a small bush cucumber.

I pulled out my two beds of broccoli and planted beans in them. One bed of Blue Lake bush beans and one bed of Kentucky Wonder pole beans. I put up a massive trellis assembly in the pole bean bed.

I built trellises for the large tomato plants. Each tomato bed has 12 plants, so I put 4 tripod teepees in each bed, which were then fastened together at the top for stability.

I weeded and seeded a cucumber patch where my lettuce had been.  I still need to come up with some kind of trellis for them.

I also weeded and weeded and weeded and mowed the stupid grass.

I need to make sure the newly seeded areas keep moist this week, because I’ll be away for a week soon and I need everything to be established enough to survive on it’s own whether or not it rains while I’m gone.


2 responses to this post.

  1. sounds like you had a busy weekend!! Now, if only I remember to water the three watermelon seeds…


    • Yes, you can do it! You might as well throw in a dozen seeds just to increase your chances that one will grow. You can always pull the extras when they are well established.


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