Eat them up…yum

We have crazy amounts of broccoli growing now.  Hopefully we’ll have enough to freeze too.  Even if not, it’s still DELICIOUS!  Every member of my family would consider broccoli among their top three favorite veggies.

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  1. I grew broccoli for the first time this year. We are in north Alabama, so it is a warmer climate. I had very small heads of broccoli- not even the size of a baseball. I thought it would grow larger so waited too long until it flowered. I never even got one taste! Is there something I am doing wrong? I would love any tips.


    • I wish I knew the secret to big broccoli. I’m not sure how “grocery store” broccoli grows so big. I had about 70 plants out this year and only ended up with enough for a family of 4 to eat fresh for 3 or 4 meals. The plants grew 2 feet tall, with leaves almost as wide, but the flower buds (the part we eat) varied from the size of a coin to the size of a tennis ball. I need to research this because I will not put forth the effort next year unless I have some idea how to grow bigger broccoli.


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