I won some 550 cord

How lucky have I been lately?  Not only did I recently win a nice pack of garden seeds, I also just won one hundred feet of ‘550’ parachute cord.

Awesome!  This stuff was on my shopping list already, but it’s not exactly cheap.  Why is it so awesome?

The name 550 cord implies its strength.  It takes at least 550 pounds of force to break this cord.  “At least” is probably a big understatement here…this is strong cord.  Inside the black outer sheath another 8 strands of cord run through the interior.  Each of the interior cords, when stripped out and used separately, is tough enough that you can’t break it by hand.

What do you do with 550 cord?  About a million billion things.

  • Super strong garden trellis string that will last at least 7 or 8 years outside in the weather
  • Super soft cord that gives and moves with plants without chafing them.  Tie together the interior branches of an evergreen bush or use it to hold up a tomato.
  • 1001 uses while camping, including as a clothes line and as a way to haul up trash and food high into a tree for the night.
  • Can be stripped apart to use the interior strands as fishing line
  • What other eighth-inch cord do you know of that could be used to lift an engine out of a car?
  • With two pieces at each corner you could completely lift up most cars and trucks.
  • Trust me, it’s just awesome, and not just “for string.”

Thank you to GearUpEurope.com for the contest!

4 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by kateohkatie on April 29, 2010 at 1:45 pm

    Is it horrible that I want to knit with that? ;-D


    • Ha! You could knit yourself a bullet proof vest.

      Actually people do braid/knit/crochet this stuff into bracelets, belts, backpack straps, etc. as an easy way to carry a significant length of cord with them in a doubly useful way.

      Makes good shoelaces too.


  2. I actually just wrapped a knife without a handle with this stuff. It is tough and can be unwrapped if I ever need to use some.

    Good for you for being a prepper, Jimmy!


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