Brewing Rhubarb Vodka

Inspired by a post last July on the blog ‘Put Up or Shut Up!’, and a bunch of rhubarb that I got from farmer L. ten days ago on a wednesday night pick-up, I have decided to try a fruit infused cocktail.

What you see in the picture here is a half-gallon jar, awaiting a six-week rest at the top of my canning pantry.  Inside I put roughly 3 cups of chopped rhubarb, about a half cup of white sugar and then enough vodka to fill it.

I suppose I will shake the jar from time to time just to make sure everything mixes happily in there.  Then, after 6 weeks, I am supposed to filter the solids out of this and discard them, keeping the delicious fruity vodka.

I’m actually going to cheat the time frame by a day or two so that we can have this on the Friday a week before we leave for vacation.  I hope it tastes good!

EDIT: I posted about the finished product.


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  1. Let me know how this turns out, looks tasty…..but isn’t raw rhubarb poisonous or does the vodka take care of that? Love you blog!

    • I’ll definitely post about this one again in a few weeks. The stems of rhubarb don’t have many oxalates, and so are harmless, raw or cooked. The leaves are the part you don’t want to eat too many of.

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