Planting tomatoes – April 2010

As I said earlier, I did get to plant out many of my tomato plants. We were working in a sprinkling rain most of the time, but we did get 12 put into this bed and another 7 put in other places.

These 12 are paste tomatoes (Amish Paste [Indeterminate, open pollinated] and Heinz 2653 [Determinate, open pollinated]) and are a bit farther from the shadiest parts of the garden than the other bed.  Tomorrow I plant my Oxheart and Cabin tomatoes [both Indeterminate, open pollinated] that I grew from seeds I saved in 2009.

As you probably see, I have installed the weed barrier and cut holes for the tomato plants.  After finishing these 12, I also got the black fabric laid down on the next bed before it was raining too hard and getting dark.

Don’t my helpers remind you of The Gleaners in this shot?

When we remembered to, we put a handful of crushed egg shells in each planting hole to help provide the tomatoes with the calcium they need to avoid blossom end rot.

The tomatoes will grow quickly enough, so I’ll need to start getting my trellis’ (trellii?) put together in the next week or so. The ones I’m planting tomorrow are already tall enough that I’ll have to tie them to a little stake or bury them quite deep.


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  1. Posted by badflags on April 23, 2010 at 8:06 pm

    Wow – those are huge tomato plants already! When did you start them? I started mine in mid-February, but they’re just three inches tall – althought I just set them in the sunniest window I have, which isn’t all that sunny.


    • I started those tomatoes on March 8th and 9th. They lived under banks of shop lights in the basement for about 5 weeks and then got moved outside. I’m sure some varieties grow faster than others and also–to a certain extent–it’s desireable to have shorter seedlings when they go into the garden. The plant height is influenced by their need to REACH for light, so–again, to a certain extent–the shorter they are, the better job you did growing them so far.


  2. Posted by kateohkatie on April 27, 2010 at 4:12 pm

    So cool! How did you decide on those varieties of tomatoes?


    • The two paste tomatoes are being tried for the first time because last year’s paste tomato was not so good. I chose those particular ones somewhat randomly, but I definitely wanted them to be indeterminate varieties that are open pollinated non-hybrids.

      The other two tomatoes were my two favorites from last year’s trials growing 13 or 14 different types and are being grown from seeds I saved last fall. Cabin seems perfect for my climate and lived until Halloween last year. I ALMOST had a red tomato (counter ripened from a greenie) for Thanksgiving in Illinois. Oxheart grew me a nearly 2 pound fruit last year and several in the 1 pound range. That makes canning easier with less items to peel.


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