How many tomatoes?

I have alloted two 6 x 8 foot raised beds for tomatoes this year. For each of the last two years I have planted beds this size with 12 tomatoes each, giving them a nice 4 square feet to grow in.

Most of the tomatoes I have grown have used all this space and I felt like I made the right choice. Last year though, I grew a whole bed of “Big Mama” hybrid paste tomatoes and they were SCRAWNY. I could have probably put 30 of them in the bed instead of 12.

Was it the variety? Was it my growing conditions last year? Do all paste tomatoes grow on scrawny sickly plants? I don’t know.

Maybe I’ll push it to 15 plants per bed this year for the paste tomatoes. I won’t be growing ‘Big Mama’ again, but I do have ‘Amish Paste’ and ‘Heinz 2653’ this year.

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  1. Posted by Rachel on April 20, 2010 at 12:36 pm

    Two years ago, I had truly outrageous paste tomato plants (Amish Paste) – they were enormous and produced a huge volume of fruit. Last year, I tried Principe Borghese an heirloom paste tomato as well as some other kinds, and we got the late blight – so I had scrawny, sick plants that produced no tomatoes…

    Maybe it was the year, maybe the variety didn’t thrive in your soils, but I’d strongly suggest giving your plants a lot of space and hope for the best!


  2. No Advice on your Toms Sorry , I don’t grow on your Scale so couldn’t say. I just dug out my remaining tomatoes under attack from all manner of pests. Harvested what green fruit I could. As we head deeper into Autumn here. Your garden is looking like its coming together great and I love that pic of the cardinal, thanks for identifying what type of bird it is.


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