Dig, Baby, Dig!

Dig, Baby, Dig!

We began the process of installing the new yellow delicious apple tree after dark on the day we brought it home. It wasn’t much fun to dig in the dark, especially when the husband takes a break to photograph his wife while she works.  Let’s stop for the night.


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  1. Oosh- We planted five little apple trees this weekend. I feel for you.


  2. Posted by Leslie on April 12, 2010 at 8:51 pm

    You’re lucky you picked the shovel back up immediately after snapping that! LOL! Just kidding…looks great! I’m glad we sprung for the older tree:) It looks very healthy and strong.


  3. So, just curious. Why did you wait until after dark to plant it?

    And how deep did you have to dig?


    • Just the usual reasons. Late lunch left us eating dinner at 7:30 on a school night; getting kids to bed; running to the store for bags of stuff to add to the hole; etc. We dug the hole about 3 feet in each direction to give the tree lots of clay-free root space to get started in and mixed in compost, peat, and some egg shells and oyster shells to help buffer the ph a little.


  4. LOL!! I think you’ll be happy with the older/more mature tree. 🙂


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