F*@# :(

I did get my little tiny tiller out this weekend to stir up the square foot garden beds that I’ll need first…the ones for broccoli, cabbage, lettuce and such.

I started off tilling a 6 foot wide bed, walking backwards and pulling the tiller back over my footprints. My tiller covers less than a one foot wide path, so I needed to make 7 or 8 passes. First the very middle, then work my way left to the edge and start in the middle again to do the right side.

On my third or fourth pass, and with absolutely no warning whatsoever, I was suddenly turning up something white and fluffy. Before I had even a second to register what that could possibly mean, I was turning up bunnies. 😦

Sadly, a rabbit had made a burrow in last year’s bean bed and had given birth to a litter of 6 or 7 just a week or two ago.

In the 3 seconds it took me to turn off the tiller and heave it to the side, it was too late. No picture for this post, but it’s much better that way. I had walked around that bed 20 times while I had been working these last few weeks and I saw no clue about what lay beneath. We also have a very hungry cat who was equally clueless about this nest. I just had no idea, at all.

2 responses to this post.

  1. OMG! I am sorry! Don’t know what else to say. I am done for the day after this. I can never till now without being paranoid….Guess that is a good thing. Again, I am so sorry this happened.


  2. Awwwwwwwe… Poor bunnies. And you too. 😦


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