A twig with promise

Doesn’t look like much now does it? It’s hard to believe that I paid for someone to mail me such a stick of nothing.

Supposedly if I plant this thing’s roots, it’ll turn into a grape vine. I really hope it does.

It will be very nice if this works out.


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  1. Posted by Leslie on March 28, 2010 at 6:08 pm

    I hope it does! yum!

  2. Grapes!! YUM!!! K’s favorite.

  3. We had a few of those in out old house. Each year I thought I killed them off but they kept coming back after 2-3 years got our first grapes…then we moved 😦

  4. I am glad that the instruction sheet included had pruning instructions. According to the paperwork, I am supposed to literally remove 80% of this vine each winter while it is dormant. I would have never pruned that much if I hadn’t been explicitly told to.

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