Thompson Broccoli seedlings

Here are half of my broccoli seedlings.  I am growing Thompson seeds this year.  I must admit that I feel a bit nervous planting all one variety, but that’s what I did.  We’ll see if I will learn this lesson the hard way.  Monoculture?  I’m so bad.

The 72 plants I started will be planted pretty close together.  Not quite one per square foot, but about 14 inches square for each one.  I harvest one head from each broccoli, and then pull them out to put green beans in the same space on about June 15.

Each of these will be potted up once into a 4 inch pot , hardened off to grow outdoors a bit (I don’t have enough room or light inside…I save my space for my tomatoes) and then of course planted out in the garden!

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