Talk about the weather

This week has been beautiful!  No coats, ground getting drier every day.  In fact I was all excited to get my new garden beds started.

Last night I was finally able to get a few hours set aside to start.  I started work in a sweatshirt but ended up really warm with just a t-shirt on.  I only quit because it got dark and my dinner was ready (thank you ladies!)

Yeah, well, look at the yard today…

Too cold and wet to work out there any more now.  Almost feels like a waste of a weekend, but really it’s just disappointing to have the weather change my plans.  There is still plenty I need to do.


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  1. Posted by Rachel on March 21, 2010 at 4:26 pm

    nice raised beds! we are planning to put some in this year, and I’m wondering what sort of wood you used to construct yours?

    • Thanks Rachel! I have built all of these raised beds using the cheapest 2-by lumber I can find at the local big box hardware lot. Many would be quick to point out that there is the possibility that my lumber will leach whatnot into the soil. Yes, there is that possibility. I also have literally no source for untreated lumber and so many termites in the yard that even the treated stuff comes under attack after a few years. Start with 2×6’s, what kind is your choice.

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