Pioneer Couple / Simple Life

I envy this couple, but I know I am too stuck in my modern conveniences and comforts to make a real go of it right now. I discovered this about myself just late last year when I was searching listings for rural property. There was an Amish homestead for sale, over 50 acres with pasture, tilled land, woods, a huge home, huge barn and several other outbuildings. The price was basically just what you would normally pay for the land alone but of course the catch was that the home didn’t have any electricity or plumbing. I tried to talk myself into it, and I might have succeeded if I had enough cash to completely pay it off. As it was I was going to have to come up with $12K a year for mortgage and property taxes, plus all of life’s other expenses. We just let it go. I guess I was too scared to take that leap of faith, even when presented with the opportunity I had been hoping and praying for.

Perhaps my wife and I will get back to something like this couple’s lifestyle after the kids leave home. Or perhaps the events of the world will send us all back to this much sooner than that.

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  1. It would be nice for a vacation thing, but I don’t think I could handle it full time.


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