Seed Catalog Bulletin Board

After making a few seed orders I needed to remember what all I ordered, and why. The best way I could think of was to just cut out the descriptions from the catalog and save them. Makes a fine bulletin board, don’t you think?

My new favorite catalog this year is definitely the one from Territorial Seeds.  Although I am not in love with one of their seed suppliers, Semenis (owned by Monsanto), I AM in love with the fact that they list, for each seed packet, whether the plant is OP (open pollinated) or an F1 Hybrid. They even offer an “organic seed” choice for some things.

My favorite thing about Territorial Seeds is their catalog.  It’s almost like a free gardening guidebook. Even if you won’t order from them, it’s actually worth requesting a catalog just to see how much information they send along.

I’ll run down my new seed finds in another post, probably after I start my seedlings next month.


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  1. There you go, getting excited for next year’s gardening already . . . then I remembered that we had 5 inches of snow yesterday. 🙂

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