The finished loft bed.

“I built my son a full size bed loft with a desk underneath”

How I did it: I built the whole thing out of lumber from a local store using a circular saw, a drill and a socket wrench.  I made my own plans and measurements based on a picture I found online that I liked and the exact size of my son’s mattress.

Lessons & tips: Buy a few extra pieces of wood and more screws.  You’ll need them.

Resources: Sorry about the blurry camera phone picture(s).  It’s what I have available at the moment.

It took me 2 days.

It made me like an amateur

Henry sanding his loft bed for me:


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  1. Well done! I bet your son feels so special too! What a great project!

  2. That’s absolutely wonderful. You’re a really good guy, Jimmy! 😀

  3. Posted by laura on August 16, 2012 at 11:11 pm

    Sweet it gave me good ideas 🙂

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