I have been promising to build my son a loft for his bed for over a year now. He is having trouble doing his homework in the common areas of the house where we’re bustling around trying to cook the evening meal, so he needs a desk in his room.  A good place for a desk is under his bed loft.

I’ll start this project in the morning! I have the whole day off work Friday, so I might even get it done in one day.

I’m custom-building this myself from nice lumber. Should I put the loft completely together in the garage, to check it for fit, then take it apart again and reassemble it in his room, or should I just cut most of my pieces and put it together ONCE, in place?

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  1. Good luck!! Be sure to post the end results!

    As far as your question, I’d probably put it together once.

  2. How awesome! I can’t wait to see it when you’re done!

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