Japanese Beetles Attack!


(I do realize that this is probably the crappiest picture online that purports to show Japanese Beetles. Again, it was taken with my cell phone.)

My community garden’s sweet corn is completely infested with these largish beetles.  The beetles are covering the corn’s tassels and feeding on the pollen.  When that’s gone, they’ll apparently begin eating the silk and quite possibly interfere with proper pollination.

Plus, it’s disgusting to have dozens and dozens of big beetles on my corn.  I guess I’m going to get a container of soapy water and knock as many as I can off into their deathtrap tomorrow at lunch.  Wish me luck!


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  1. Yuck. I hate beetles of any kind. If I find them, the chickens get to have them…. BLECH

  2. Good luck! Discovering pests on your precious produce is THE worst.

  3. Thanks for the comments all! I just found Japanese Beetles all over my home garden last night! 😦 😦 They are a big problem in town this year. They are defoliating my new cherry trees; I’m finding them on my tomatoes; and my home corn will set tassels soon. I have been smashing the ones I can catch.

  4. Posted by Leslie on June 30, 2009 at 10:51 pm

    Kill them! Kill them all!!!

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