Green Tomatoes. Beefmaster, Big Mama and Cabin

 Here are a few pictures of my developing tomatoes.  Unfortunately, two of the three featured in this post are hybrids.  I’m going to actively move away from the hybrids in the next few years.  That’s the main reason why I am growing so many different tomatoes (18 types this year)… I want to find an heirloom variety that grows well for me in my own back yard.  With heirloom tomatoes, I can save seeds each year and avoid relying on a store to sell me more.

As you can see from the pictures below, they have had no lack of water yet this year.

Beefmaster green tomato.  Hybrid.

Beefmaster green tomato. Hybrid.


Hybrid paste tomato

Big Mama. Hybrid paste tomato


Cabin.  Rare heirloom tomato.  Leaves somewhat potato-like.

Cabin. Rare heirloom tomato. Leaves somewhat potato-like.


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  1. Absolutely beautiful!!!

  2. They look like they are going to be delicious!

    There are a lot of myths out there about hybrids, one of which is that the hybrid seeds won’t germinate. I save my hybrid seeds just like my heirlooms and they grow fine. The only difference is that there is going to be more variation in the plants (think punnett squares from science class) than an heirloom that has backcrossed for many years. Hybrids are great!

  3. Thanks! I’m going to save a round of seeds from my Small Miracle broccoli hybrid and plant them next year as an experiment.

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