I’ve been getting some sun!

The weather was really rainy for the last few weeks, with very little sun showing through.  When the sun did come, it was wonderful!

Last weekend I was able to move 4 yards of topsoil and fill up my two new garden beds and the ones I raised higher (finally!) I got two beds of tomatoes planted.  Sixteen tomatoes plants at home with 4 square feet of space for each one.  8 plants are Big Mama hybrid paste tomatoes.  Also a mix of heirlooms with a couple hybrids (all indeterminate) Phenomenal, Cabin, Pineapple, Beefmaster, Dad’s Barber’s Paste, Super Marmande, and Grandeur.

My wife planted a perimeter ring of carrots around one tomato bed and I planted a perimeter ring of radishes around the other one.  The radishes will definitely be done growing before the tomatoes need that space.  We’ll see about the carrots.

I have been weeding my broccoli beds, which also have a few cabbages, beets coming up from seed and a few earlier radishes growing their third set of leaves.  I mulched these particular beds last fall with lawn mower clippings that included a LOT of tree seeds, so there is always some weeding to do in there.

My 5 year old son S. has planted lettuce starts in the straw bales down by the fence.

Today I planted 13 peppers and an 8 foot row of cucumbers that are going to grow up the side of my kids’ play fort (shown in the distance at the top of this photo).  I think I’ll go back tomorrow and plant some sugar snap peas in the same area. They love browsing on those.  That reminds me, I need to make them a pole bean teepee soon.

Lots more is going on.  I’m so busy with it, I forgot to blog!


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  1. you’ve had a busy weekend!!

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