World’s tiniest tomato plant

Teeny tiny tomato seedling growing second set of true leaves.

Teeny tiny tomato seedling growing second set of true leaves.

I have a Rutgers tomato seedling that came up a week (or two) after the other seeds in it’s cup had already sprouted.  Oddly, this tomato plant has decided to be the world’s smallest tomato.


It is three-quarters of an inch wide and one-quarter of an inch tall, and is currently sending out it’s 2nd set of true leaves.  I’m fairly tempted to grow it and see if I’ve really got something here.

Probably it’s just being outcompeted by the 4 inch seedling it shares a little pot with.  I’ve just never had a tomato seedling be this short and stocky before.  It’s currently at least two weeks old.

Here is a wide shot for scale

Here is a wide shot for scale


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  1. Were these the seeds from Campbells? They have one of the best tomato and jalapeno breeding programs in the world. I wouldn’t be surprised if this is the case.

  2. No, I never did (yet) get the seeds that Campbells said they would send. These Rutgers are from a 2008 packet I saved. I really do think I’m going to cut off the stronger and bigger plant and see what happens with this little guy.

  3. Posted by emrasa on April 29, 2009 at 1:27 pm

    I vote that you take a chance on it. How could you live without knowing what could have become of it?

  4. I gave the tiny tomato another 10 days, but alas it did not send up any more leaves. It was still bright green, but it just wasn’t doing anything. I didn’t actually kill it, but I planted it’s potmate in the community garden. I bedded it down deep enough that this little guy will most likely never been seen again.

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