Planted two cold tolerant beds

Thursday and Friday rain postponed the dirt delivery. The dirt pile was too wet to scoop from. That was a bummer. However, 2 of the 8 beds were left alone, so I planted them!

I divided the 6×8 foot beds into three sections of 2×8. The middle section of each was planted with Small Miracle broccoli. Small Miracle broccoli claims that it only needs 8 square inches of space. I gave it more room. I planted 14 plants in each 2×8 foot space, giving them a 12 x 14 inch rectangle.

The two outside 2×8 sections of one bed were planted with Early Dividend broccoli, which I gave lots of room to. They got staggered 2 sq. ft. spacing.

I also got 7 cabbage plants put in and direct-seeded 4 squares of beets (36) and two square of radishes (32).

All of the broccoli plants were showing 4 or 6 true leaves and were getting big.  They were started under lights indoors on 2/23.  The cabbage plants were smaller than the broccoli.  They were seeded in the greenhouse near the beginning of February.  I could have easily started them in January and they wouldn’t have been too big for their pots.

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