A Yearly Growing/Canning Plan For Our Family of Four

This post marks my first post by a guest contributor on WordPress. My marvelous wife Cinturon (who is GIDDY with happiness as she sees me write that) has decided to post here from time to time now that she knows I’m not crazy. Last year was just an experiment in her eyes, you see, but she has now decided that this “canning thing” and this “garden thing” just might both be worth doing.

Actually she just expected me to hobby-hop after one year, as usual. I think I’ll stick with it a while longer. Without further ado:

(Featuring guest poster-Cinturon…my wife)


As the food “organizer/shopper” of the family, I have been appointed as manager of our family’s yearly consumption. 🙂

Jimmy and I have decided to take the gardening/canning hobby one step further.  Our summer 2009 goal is to can/freeze enough produce to last us through to next summer without buying from stores.  We will use as much from our own garden as possible, and then supplement from local farmer’s markets.   We are doing this for several reasons.

First, the quality of the produce compared to store bought produce is so much better it is hardly comparable.  We want to eliminate as much HFCS from our family’s diet as possible.  Second, we are both firm believers in supporting our local economy. We want the local small farmers to thrive!  Third, we are hoping this will free up enough money in our monthly budget to buy non-hormone injected meats throughout the winter.  Fourth, we want to teach our children to be good caretakers of God’s Earth.

Here is an estimate of what we plan to can/freeze.  The numbers are the amount we think we will need to squirrel away for the year.  This does not include the amount we will eat while it is in season.

APRIL   Asparagus (canned 12 lbs)  Peas (frozen 12 lbs)

MAY       Strawberries for jam and syrup  (canned 3 quarts)  Beets  (canned  5 lbs)  

JUNE     Carrots (frozen 12 lbs)  Peaches  (canned 36 lbs)  Potatoes  (canned  30 lbs)  Broccoli  (frozen  30 lbs)  Zucchini for bread and soups  (frozen 3 lbs)

JULY     Tomatoes for sauce/paste/whole/catsup/salsa  (canned 80 lbs)  cabbage for sourkraut  (canned?????)  Blueberries for syrup and frozen for baking  (canned/frozen  4 quarts)  Blackberries for syrup  (canned 2 quarts)  Rapsberries for jam  (canned 2 quarts)

AUGUST  Green Beans  (frozen  30 lbs)  Cauliflower (frozen 20 lbs)  Corn  (Canned  48 lbs or 60 ears of corn)  Pears (canned  25 lbs)  Cucumbers for pickles/relish  (canned 27 Pints…not sure how many cucumbers this is)

SEPTEMBER  Apples for applesauce, jelly, filling/side dishes/apple butter  (canned  at least 2 bushels)

This plan will obviously need to be reviewed and modified as the year goes on and we see how much we have used.


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  1. Thanks for the post hon! 😉

  2. Great plan. We’re producing for a family of 5. In the past it has been more of a hobby, we ate fresh, froze a little and pretty much only canned tomatoes and salsa. This year, for economic and other reasons, we’re aiming to produce more to store. I’ve been trying to estimate what we would need for the year. Thanks for the (guest) post.

  3. Posted by Robin on March 10, 2009 at 12:17 pm

    Great post! I’m glad you’ll be writing from time to time. Having enough vegetables on hand to last a year gives great peace of mind.

  4. Posted by emrasa on March 12, 2009 at 7:29 am

    It occurred to me upon reading your post that I have no idea how much we eat in a year. Even though I grow produce and am the happy recipient of extra food from more successful gardeners, the food just appears. I think I will pay more attention.

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