I got a crock!


4 gallon crock

4 gallon crock

I have a crock now!  I mentioned to my parents that fermenting/pickling crocks like these are now sold for nearly $100 and that price was keeping me from trying homemade sauerkraut.  They remembered this old crock that had been in their garage the whole time I was growing up and said I could have it.

Awesome!  Thanks Mom and Dad!

Now how do I clean up 30 years of dust and make this food-worthy again?  Water and bleach, bleach and water?


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  1. No need for bleach. I would suggest either vinegar to clean it. Remember, you are going to be eating that stuff.

    I make my own sauerkraut, which ends up awesome. It is nasty stuff before it is done. You might reconsider after scraping off the crap layer off of the top. Keep your eye on the prize Jimmy!

  2. Chlorine should offgas completely within a couple days, wouldn’t it? At any rate the vinegar idea does sound safer.

  3. Hi, I found you through the growing challenge. I’m so jealous. My parents have several old crocks that I would LOVE to have, but they’re not willing to part with them yet. I would think that, unless there is a problem with the glaze (in which case you wouldn’t want to use it anyway) just good old hot soapy water would do the trick. I seem to remember my Mom putting crocks in the bathtub and pouring boiling water over and into them right before use to kill any unwanted nasties.

  4. Welcome! That’s a good point about the glaze. I guess you’re right…I wouldn’t want to use it if the bottom was just a porous stoneware, would I? Ugh! I need to check it over.

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