Wacky seeds for Christmas!

My mother-in-law got me seeds for Christmas, among other things! I got lettuce collection that includes Romaine (Lettuce Green Towers), “Summer Glory Blend”, Green Ice, and a packet of mixed greens.

She also gave me a collection of some slightly zany varieties that I will enjoy trying. Purple Haze carrots, Eight Ball Zucchini Squash, a huge yellow Pineapple Tomato, Spoon Tomato said to be so small that 10 of them will fit on a spoon, a dark black seedless watermelon Everglade Hybrid, a supposedly delicious Mirai Mr. Mini sweet corn, and a crazy cauliflower-like Romanesco Veronica Hybrid.

Thank you R!

P.S.  Don’t let these links imply that I endorse one merchant or another.  I don’t get any kickbacks, I just use Google search!

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