What I’d like to save next year

I’ll revisit and update this post from time to time.


  • Salsa (garden tomatoes with Mrs. Wages spice packets) [10 pints, 20 half-pints]
  • Tomato sauce (garden tomatoes)
  • Tomato paste (maybe, if I have the patience.  I can buy this for like 19 cents though.)
  • Whole tomatoes, possibly
  • Sweet pickles (garden cucumbers with Mrs. Wages spice packets, crinkle-cut slices and diagonal sandwich slices) [10 pints, 10 half-pints] 
  • Dill pickles (5 quarts spears and 2 pints of hamburger slices)
  • Sweet relish
  • Applesauce (apples bought locally, 1 to 1.5 bushels)
  • Pepperoncinis (water, vinegar, sweet, salt brine???)
  • Jalapenos, if semi-mild (again, what liquid?)
  • Sweet & Sour Sauce (thin bell pepper jelly)


  • Broccoli
  • Green Beans
  • Bell Peppers

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  1. I made tomato paste inadvertently this year and it was quite easy. I was roasting quartered tomatoes in the oven with some garlic and basil for a deeper tasting tomato sauce, but we left the house and didn’t get back in time. When we did return the tomatoes had lost a good deal of their water, but had a beautiful carmelization going on. I ran the roasted tomatoes through the food mill to remove seeds and skins and then processed in half pint jars in a hot water bath. Pretty low intensity for tomato paste, better than sitting and stirring over the hot stove. I can vouch for the flavor too since we just finished the first jar the other day.

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