It flooded again! Raise the beds!

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4 weeks after the garden had flooded, things were back on track and looking great!  (Camera broken, take my word for it.)  NOW, the creek flooded again today!

One whole bed of Blue Lake Bush Beans and some sweet corn was ruined by the rushing water.  Half the bed containing watermelons was also submerged and is looking very bad.  Time will tell if those plants will recover.  I pulled all the carrots early, and some of them are too small to even try to eat.  Kinda sucks.

So, before planting next year, the bottom 4 raised beds will be…raised…more.  Right now they are all built out of 2×6 lumber.  Next year I’ll add a 12 inch course to the lowest bed by the fence (#1 in the image below), a 10 inch course to the bed on the next highest elevation (#2) and a course of 2×8’s to beds #3 and #4.  The two beds farthest from the fence seem pretty safe from the flood water, but as a matter of aesthetics I might go ahead and raise them each 6 inches higher as well.  Looks like I’ll need to order dirt again…probably even more than the 4 cubic yards I ordered to get started.

Update 2009: DONE!


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