Wildlife Prairie State Park in Illinois

Saturday we were going to spend a couple days in St. Louis but the Mississippi river situation was a little scary so instead we drove to Wildlife Prairie state park near Peoria, Illinois.  We would have invited the grandparents to join us but it was a really last minute decision to go.  PDF Map of the Park.

It was a nice place, but we had it almost entirely to ourselves.  They won’t be able to keep up the place if their attendance is always that low.  It was pretty nice there.  Not a whole lot to do like a bigger place, but very relaxed and fun.  In general they could have done more to just make people aware of what was available there.

One thing they had set up was a pioneer homestead farm area.  I liked wandering in the garden.  They had a gooseberry bush and I stole a ripe one.  It reminded me of the ones that my grandpa Les had along the driveway when I was a kid.  I’m going to try to find a place for a gooseberry bush in my yard.  The boys loved spending their quarters to feed oats to the nubian goats.

We also watched a predatory bird show.  They had a turkey vulture there out of the cage and up close.  They also let an owl fly around the room to different perches to pick up bits of cut up mouse.

In another area of the park they had a bald eagle in a relatively tiny, rickety enclosure.  It looked temporary, and there was a building project going on that might have been a more permanent home for him.

The boys’ favorite part was the 3-story slide built into a hill.  S. did it 10 times.  That’s a lot of stairs!


We learned from their brochures and web site that they have four old train cabooses refitted as hotel rooms with air conditioning.  For $80 per weekend night I think we might do that with the kids next year.  The kids could fish in a nearby lake until dusk and then we could grill out.



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  1. Next time the family is there, call me!! We’re right there too.

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