Garden changes for 09…early June edition

By fall all of these opinions will have probably changed, but as of today, here is what I would/will be doing differently with next year’s garden:

  • Raise the two beds on lowest ground another 8 to 12 inches.
  • Eliminate trying melons at all.  I set aside a lot of space for them and they don’t look good yet.
  • Eliminate things we can’t eat, namely jackolanterns and decorative gourds.  The plants are doing well, but it does seem like wasted space.
  • Twice as much broccoli, maybe even two full beds.  I thought I planted a lot, but it’s definitely not going to be enough to freeze any.
  • Twice as many bush green beans, again maybe even two full beds.
  • One whole area of lettuce planted really close together, that I would intend to harvest as leaf lettuce in May and early June.  I’m tired of waiting for lettuce heads to grow…I want salad!  Perhaps 9 or 12 plants per square foot.

I have five full-size 8×6 ft. beds and one that is smaller where the fence cuts it off diagonally.  If I were to do it right now I guess I would plant 2009 as:

  • Two beds of broccoli
  • One and a half beds of green beans
  • Half a bed of salad stuff (it’s still 24 square feet)
  • One bed to grow peppers, cucumbers and zucchini
  • One full bed of tomatoes

That eliminates cauliflower, some cabbage, peas, melons, gourds and probably a couple other things but hopefully puts more food in my belly.  I guess we’ll see what I think later on down the line.


EDIT (June 10):

You know…my first-in broccoli has all just about finished up already.  It was a disappointingly small harvest of broccoli, but maybe I’ll try a different seed next year.

However I’m havin’ a thought here.  Since the broccoli is going to be finished producing by the middle of June, I can plant 2 full beds of broccoli as early as possible, completely harvest them, empty the beds and then plant rows of green beans.  June 15 green beans will be done in mid- to late-August.  That should work!


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  1. Can the song be renamed?

    There’s a man I know…. If I didn’t know him. He’d be the man I didn’t know.

    And the man, he went outside and planted some brocolli….
    And he’s planting brocolli.

  2. Ha!!! I didn’t remember the beginning of that skit! I’m gonna go watch it somewhere online now.


    Yep! It fits very well! HA again!

  3. Posted by Shae on June 8, 2008 at 1:33 pm

    If I lived near you. I’d be stealing your tomatoes and zucchini. XD

  4. I’ve heard that beginners with only a passing interest in zucchini should only plant ONE zucchini plant….

    I put in 4 of them and they are all thriving! Wanna come dig one up? I’ll let ya!

  5. Posted by Shae on June 9, 2008 at 3:30 pm

    *grins lots*

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