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Radish harvest, green tomatoes, baby broccoli

I harvested these radishes tonight…the first time I’ve done enough “picking” in one night this year to use the word “harvest.”  Interesting how they can vary so much in size.  These were picked from a 2 square foot patch that I planted together with carrots.  I left almost as many radishes in the ground as I picked…the others didn’t seem ready yet.

There are baby green tomatoes (between the size of a pea and a marble) on my Gardener’s Delight cherry tomato and my Cold Set tomato.  There are flowers on the Rutgers and Super Marmande as well.  Very promising!

This little broccoli flower is only a little over an inch in diameter.  I’m hoping it grows up big and tasty along with all it’s friends.


Tree House in progress

I told the boys I would build them a tree house. I said it shortly before we knew we were going to move to a new house last year.  The new house has only one back yard tree, so this is it.

The one-tree design was supposed to use diagonal corner supports that would lead back to the tree.  I wasn’t a good enough woodworker to make this feel sturdy to me, so I opted for legs. I have been referencing a really good treehouse building book. (Amazon link)

Two pairs of perpendicular cross-beams, screwed to the tree, form the main support structure. The plywood floor was a re-use scrounged from a thrown-away mini-golf putting green!  I’ve only installed half the floor and none of the railing or roof parts yet.

The boys love it already!


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