Goodbye doesn’t mean forever

I’m not really a materialistic person, but I am sentimental.  I try to be realistic.

This summer my wife needs to transport not only our two boys, but also at least one of their friends.  All 3 or 4 of them, by law, require booster seats with shoulder belts until they are 8 years old.

When we bought our 2000 Ford Taurus station wagon with it’s rear-facing 3rd row seat right before H. was born in 2001, we thought we would have the law covered for years to come…because in 2001 kids were allowed to stop using their booster seats at age 4 or so.

So believing all would be well, in 2002 I bought what can only be described as my dream car, a 1996 Lincoln Town Car, Cartier edition.

1996 Lincoln Town Car Rear

We just didn’t anticipate the law change, especially the part about shoulder belts being required.  Somebody’s in bed with the newer car dealers I think.  So unfortunately we need a minivan.  Realistically speaking, my car needs to be the trade.  The station wagon is 4 years newer and has 180,000 fewer miles:

Town Car Mileage in late April 2008

Why do I care that I’m trading away this car?  To put it simply…it is a complete masterpiece.  The exterior design is truly a thing of beauty.  The 26+ MPG on the highway is pretty good for a 4,400 pound vehicle that is one of the safest on the road, even at 12 years old.

1996 Lincoln Town Car Hood Ornament

I’ll miss this car!  And “one day” I’ll have another one, even if it means completely refinishing one at great expense.  How horribly worldly does that make me sound?  I feel bad that I care about “stuff” this much.

Don’t hang on.  Nothing lasts forever but the Earth and sky.  It slips away.  And all your money won’t another minute buy…

If my house burned to the ground while I was at work today, the thing I would be most upset about was that all my fish and my cat died.  I strive to be realistic and just know that things change, things wear out, it’s all dust in the wind.  But I’m falling short because I’m quite sad to see my car leave.

1996 Lincoln Town Car spacious interior

Spacious interior.

Lincoln badge and logo

Goodbye car

Rear seat vanity mirrors in 1996 Lincoln Town Car Cartier

Goodbye rear seat vanity mirrors

1996 Lincoln Town Car Cartier leather seats

Goodbye leather seats and Cartier logo

Definitely the best $7,800 (minus trade-in) $5,665 I ever spent.


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  1. Posted by Shae on April 30, 2008 at 6:23 pm

    Aww *hugs*

  2. Didn’t you have a buick at one point?

  3. Yes, I have had an ’88 Buick Century that I loved and a ’98 Buick Skylark that was decent.

  4. Hee hee!! My recent post has your post as a related post!

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