Duck Sauce

My 4-year-old son has seemingly always wanted to be a chef.  Here’s a little picture of him making egg salad when he was 3 1/2:

Gourmet Egg Salad

He insisted on not having any help, at all, even on ingredient selection.  On his own he put together boiled egg, mustard, raw chopped onion, romaine lettuce and just a touch of ketchup.  Add a little salt and pepper and it’s done.

He wouldn’t try it but dad had to!  The only thing I would have done differently would have been to peel ALL the shell off the egg (crunch, crunch) and watch the salt a bit.

SO tonight at dinner we were having pork chops with a rice dish on the side.  Cute little guy tells dad that the rice is great and asks me what’s in it.  Mmmmm, butter and duck sauce, mainly.

Oh yeah dad? What’s duck sauce?

So I find myself explaining, to a 4 year old budding chef, that this particular duck sauce is basically a pineapple and red & green pepper jelly.

It just seemed like it should have been all way over his head…but he’s tucking it away in that brain of his I know it.

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  1. Well, minus the lettuce and ketchup, he’s almost made deviled eggs.

  2. Posted by Shae on April 20, 2008 at 12:35 pm

    Deviled eggs are to die for. The picture is just adorable and your son is very creative. ^^

  3. That egg salad sounds delicious. Makes me want it right now. What other recipes does he have?

  4. Actually he invented a passable baked dessert with pretzel sticks, chocolate chips, marshmallows, butter, milk, flour and water. What gets me is that he usually doesn’t overdo any one ingredient so badly that the recipe is either unbakeable or completely inedible. There is some natural talent there.

  5. Astonishing! Send him over, now.

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