Seed table 2008 after 5 weeks

Here I am tonight at my seed table.  I’m sitting down about a foot under the ceiling of our crawl space.

Goofy Man at his seed table

The tomatoes below were planted March 5th.  I’ve been able to keep most of them down to between 8 and 9 inches high by keeping the lights close to them.


I have three double-40-watt-bulb fixtures over the seedling table.  The fixture on the right side of the photo below is hanging higher on one end in order to provide a height gradient to match the growth rates of all sorts of different plants.

View from the side

A tray of all the seeds I’m trying in 2008.

Seed packets

Starting the last few seeds…zuchinni.  Also in the photo below are jalapeño and green pepper, cantaloupe and the cups of the tomatoes.

Starting the last few seeds

My son has one of his mini-pumpkin gourd plants started and seems very proud.



Smilin\' Simon


As I said in another blog post, my broccoli and cauliflower plants were all already transplanted outdoors.  It’s 42 degrees outside tonight and forecast to reach 30 by morning.  I’ve taken steps to keep them a bit warmer!


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  1. Gorgeous seedlings. There is no question about it… most of mine have failed this year. I’m going to start some new ones and be crazy diligent about keeping that light lowered. I’m not worried about many of the ones I started. I’ve still got time. But I tried starting some celeriac and some heirloom tomatoes. I can probably still make the tomatoes work again, but the celeriac… oh well.

  2. Thanks for introducing a new word-and vegetable-to my vocabulary! I had never heard of celeriac!

  3. I’ve never grown it, but started using it as part of the seed trial that the podchef (who runs the best podcast on cooking and farming going… called gastrocast) offered. It’s a touchy little veggie… was really looking forward to giving it a go.

  4. Posted by Robin on April 19, 2008 at 11:24 am

    Your plants look awesome!

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