Winter Again?

The broccoli and cauliflower plants I grew under grow lights in my basement for the last month got planted out this week on Monday. Now the forecasted lows for the next 4 nights are 32, 31, 28, 31.

These cold-weather plants SHOULD be fine down to 20, but I don’t want to take any chances. Last night I covered them with a clear plastic drop cloth. I’ll set 3 or 4 gallon jugs of hot tap water under the plastic tonight as a space heater and I should wake up to a frost-free garden.

The tomatoes in the basement are getting root bound in their containers and are drinking more water than I can give them once a day. I can’t wait to put them out but in Quincy it needs to be April 24th at least. After that date there is only a historical 10 percent chance of a 32 degree low. If I wait until May 4 it definitely won’t freeze again. Patience!

Oh, and when I say basement, I mean crawl space. Our house has a 24 x 24 foot crawl space with a nice cement slab floor. It’s 4 feet high which is perfect for sitting at a table and tending to the plants.


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  1. They’re talking about flurries here. 😦

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